Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sickness away from home: The first Responsibility

I know in life there is a time when an unknown place, willingly or unwillingly becomes your home and as they say "Time heals anything and everything" , you start loving the things as they are. During the course of reading I have also come across the difference between a House and a Home.  The House in particular needs essentially few walls and a roof, but Home is something where the wall and a roof are not the necessity, the primary necessity is a bunch of people you love to have around you (your family), to share your success, happiness, love, sorrow and pain.

My home in my village: view after a little rain.
Leaving home and living at other place never bothered me much, but the thought which bothered me was getting sick at the other place. No one to care, to sit beside your pillow with their palm on your forehead, no one to male you a garam chai or a khichdi. You: A sick man is responsible for your own things, as they say in a hindi proverb "Yatri apne samaan ka khud zimmedar hai".

When I am sick I feel really bad, its hard to eat, sleep or interact to others, this is terribly rare but it sometimes happen to me. The first thing I wish that should happen to me when I am sick is to get back to normal within a flash of a second.  I look for available medicines and symptoms, get some advice from friends and family for some gharelu upchar. For this sickness I called my bro ( MBBS Doc) He suggested a paracetamol, cetrizine and an anti-biotic, but here in Germany getting an antibiotic without doctors prescription is a myth. The next thing was I went to a doctor but to my misfortune the doctor said "To my understanding, you don't have to take any thing, no pills. Pills only when the symptoms upgrade." Thus asking me to take rest and wait until the sickness situation hikes.

So here I am hoping for either of thee two things to happen, a) Get normal b) get more sick so that I can have pills to get normal. Sounds crazy na..:P

Anyways its a weekend so..Hope all is fine till Monday.
Take care people. Apna khayal rakhna.

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