Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"Tolerance in abundance" this is my India.

There is a journalist and an anchor who came to blows outside Madison square garden during the Indian Diaspora event in US, is now preaching tolerance and constructive criticism on national television. Then there is this lady criticizing the PM for this shawl (which was not Louis Vuitton) he had during his tour to Europe saying he should have chosen Indian handloom shawl (Khadi, on pretext of ‪#‎MakeInIndia‬), but when this handloom cloth is used for clothing for a special event during the summit of heads of 54 African nations in India, she cries foul, why waste of money! Then we have brokers in the media, remember ‪#‎RadiaGate‬ ‪#‎2GScam‬? The same lady anchor conducts discussions on a national channel regarding propriety and conflict of interest; irony dies then and there! There are other too on this or the other side of the coin. All the above people are the senior editors, those are the opinion makers who set the public discourse, what credibility can we expect from them?! Hence the current state of affairs in the fourth pillar of our democracy, the so called Main Stream Media, makes me worry about my country and its future.

Sometimes I wonder why did reports of the church attacks that filled newspaper headlines and dominated TV debates before the Delhi Assembly elections suddenly disappear after the polls? It is because, all of them proved to be false and manipulated all for politial gains; the MSM did not even think of clarifying the reports now, solely because of their political masters. Now they have a new Jamoora “‪#‎RisingIntolerance‬”. First thing first ‪#‎Dadri‬ was wrong, very very wrong, should be condemned and the culprits should be punished severely! But what is this farce going on in the MSM and the ‪#‎Darbaris‬ of the Congress regime in the name of ‪#‎AwardWapasi‬. They say intolerance is rising and their freedom of expression is curbed. I say, there have been thousands of television debates on it, hundreds of editorials in leading newspapers everyweek on the” FoE Debates”. Intellectuals, artists, politicians and a common man; all are expressing their views (Genuine, influenced or manufactured) as they could do it yesterday, no one stopping them. Some of them rant day and night against a person, who is heading an elected government, they abuse him, he tolerates them, and then they say our freedom of expression is under threat! The worst that this MSM can do is vitiate the atmosphere of the country, and I feel annoyed and slightly angry about it, hence this post! "Media Must Stop This!!

Actually as someone on SM said, Freedom of expression is doing just fine; it’s the monopoly of expression under threat for these ‪#‎Darbari‬'s, ‪#‎Sickulars‬, so called ‪#‎Intellectuals‬ and ‪#‎AdarshLiberals‬! Finally, if you question India for its tolerance, I can only feel pity for your ignorance and intellectual bankruptcy! "Tolerance in Abundance" is what describes India. Jai Hind!