Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beginning as a new Blogger!

Here is the day and I am Getting into texting not on my phone or any social networking web but on my own Blogging dashboard. I had dreamed of blogging since 2 years But could not get it started but then now I have realised I could have given it a go much earlier.

But no regrets, they say in hindi "Der aaye durust aaye" and I believe in it.
 Its Tuesday, second day after giving an End note to my Paris Tour and say what, it was an awesome experience. This superb experience gave a tough compitation for the list of awesomest experience abroad  which include Prague (Czech Republic) , Amsterdam (Netherlands) and various visits in Germany. But whatever I have seen or experienced abroad are a no match for the UNFORGETTEBLE Feb 2011 tour of Kullu Manali!
First hand at Snow Biking! It was the best thing here.

Skiing! Was good but tough for one with Zero experience of wheels in his feet.

Still holding a grudge for not having a paragliding experience. Could have made to it but heavy snow on one end made the day and snowing experience beautiful and on the other hand spoiled chances of paragliding.

Now I don't know why did I write so much of Manali experiences. But belive me, I had planned to write short blog about today. Anyways this shows my blogging experience. Still amateur!

Planning a day of your Research work is too tough because you dont know what results can cause your mood breakdown or what mood can cause your mental breakdown but believe me you Executing the planned work is more tougher. It is three hours in the department and had just done a little part of rough testing of curing time of my resin samples.

So far so good, largely happy to execute a blog today! Wish to express regularly.

Good day People.

Suggestion, Motivations Welcome!