Saturday, December 27, 2014

To PK or Not to PK

Yes, that is my question to all the self proclaimed secularists and religious moral police, so-called liberals,  and not to forget the aam aadmi's of India.

Since the release of the Amir Khan starrer, Raju Hirani directed movie "PK", there was a new trend on twitter #BoycottPK. I cared to know what opinion does the twitterati had on this movie. Before moving onto knowing views of others, I planned to watch it myself first. So it was a holiday period here in Germany and I thought of utilising my time (or otherwise?) to know about PK, aakhir PK ka panga kya hai!

I found the movie to be having the same plot as the Akshay Kumar starrer movie, titled OMG- Oh My God, which was also opposed by some hindutva moral police as the movie depicted the Hindu gods and gurus on a negetive plank. Here is a fun fact, it did great bussiness in India. It was not banned in India, but in UAE :-). Anyways, more about the movie. I liked the movie as it was fun to watch and carried a social message. The movie was a satire that made me laugh and think from time to time. And the message was not to fall to the false trap setup in the name of religion and religious gurus, whoever they may be and whatever religion they follow (read: claim to own).

So back to twitterati what does the trends say: They had problem with mocking hindu gods, hindu ceremonies and questioning their faith to say the least. Some even did not had a problem with mocking or the social message, but they had a question why only bashing hindus and hinduism? (just because they are a majority in this country?). One argument which I found worth quoting was: The movie in one scene says "Jo darta hai wo mandir jata hai" and a supporter from the #BoycottPK replies "Acha, to jo din me 5 bar namaaz padhta hai vo nahi darta?" Valid? No? okay.

I will personally say, #ISupportPK and #DontBoycottPK, the message is good and universal. The only grudge I hold is if only the director would have been balanced to explore and depict the discrepancies in the name of religion. It would have been good, if he would have depicted the religious fanatism and mismatch in all the religions and not just singling out Hinduism. What about killings in the name of religion? what about killings in the name of superiority? Jihad? Missionaries and Conversions? One eminent writer wrote this, and I agree!
Whatever the mesage was and for whomsoever it was. The last word for the people who trended this #BoycottPK trend from me is loud and clear: It was not against Hinduism. As one said, Hinduism cannot hate, it is tolerant and belives in co-existance. Hinduism suggests that the world is one family "Vasudhev Kutumbakkam".

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Amol Patil said...

Hi Ashok... Nice take on PK.... was unawre of the Taslima's comment....Thanks for sharing that